Facebook Data Breach – 50 Million Affected

Facebook September Data Breach

It’s Not A Great Time For Facebook.

As you might have heard on Friday 28th September 2018, Facebook had one of the biggest data vulnerability’s in Facebooks history affecting 50 million of its users on the platform, the vulnerability was discovered on Tuesday 25th September 2018 by a Facebook engineer.

What caused the breach?

The security breach was caused by the attacker managing to find a vulnerability to get hold of millions of “access tokens”, this is a security key that allows users to stay logged into Facebook over multiple browsing sessions without entering their password every time. Possessing a token allows an attacker to take full control of the victim’s account, including logging into third-party applications that use Facebook Login.

How does this affect Facebook?

In effect of this happening it doesn’t help Facebooks recovery of company image from the last scandal involving Facebook selling users data this just increases the damage making the company’s shares drops a further 3% on Friday 28th September after the company discloses the attack.

Also under the new GDPR regulation Facebook could be fined $1.63 billion by the European privacy regulation for breaking data protection and privacy law.



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