Hometech Centre are renowned for building quality PC’s and have assembled 100’s over the years. We only use quality, branded products and none of our machines are pre-built in a factory across the other side of the world. The Laptops we sell are set up and configured in store. We can transfer your data from your old PC or Laptop and get you up and running on your new device in no time at all.


The Windows laptops we sell are excellent for all round general use. We stock a number of entry level laptops that will suit most users needs. Alternatively, we can order that something special if you wanted to spend a little bit extra. Our technicians set up and configure your machine in store so it’s ready for you to use straight away.



We can meet all of the family’s needs with our Home PC range. Ample storage for everyone’s documents, music and photos. Installing only the very latest operating system and software you will be steps ahead of any off the shelf PC when you purchase one of our hand assembled Home PC’s from Hometech Centre.

Home PC’s


When it comes to running a business you want to know that you are getting the best value for money. The Office PC’s we assemble at Hometech Centre are specifically designed with that in mind. We aim to get the most out of your budget, offering the latest technology by using Solid State Drives (SSD’s) and Windows 10 Pro.

Office PC’s


Our Gaming PC experts are available to assist when it comes to choosing the perfect Gaming PC for your requirements. Installing and configuring your rig to get the most from your Graphics card is our main aim. We are able to assemble bespoke gaming PC’s to any budget or you can choose from our pre designed range of Gaming PC’s.

Gaming PC’s

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