Data Recovery

Hometech Centre can offer a wide range of data recovery on a number of different devices; flash memory, USB/SD Card, internal and external Hard Drives. We can offer an in-house Data Recovery Service and for more exceptional cases we work closely with our external partners.

Furthermore, our in store data recovery service uses specialist software that allows us to recover and read partitions that are corrupt or unreadable. We can offer this service on Hard Drives, SD Cards and USB Memory. Ultimately, we can often recover your lost photos, documents, music and important data you may have stored. Subject to the amount of data to be recovered depends on how long the job will take and the cost involved.

In case your data recovery is of a more complex nature and the drive or memory stick, it may require a more invasive recovery service. For this reason, we work very closely with data recovery specialists in the UK. In most cases, they are able to repair your faulty device and recover data. The specialist skills and equipment involved in this type of repair often reflects in the cost of the service. However, we always recommended it in the event of our in house repair being unsuccessful.

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Pricing details for our services

1Diagnostics Charge£0We offer free diagnostics in store. We may however, have to charge you a small fee if the failed device has to be sent off to our data recovery specialist.
2In Store Data RecoveryFrom £50If we are able to retrieve your data, no matter how big or small the data is, it stays at £50. If the device is re-usable we will move it back to that device. Otherwise you will either need to provide us with storage, or we can provide it for you.
3External Data RecoveryFrom £160Allthough the fee can be costly, it depends how important the data is to you. Bring the device into our store first as it may be able to be worked on in store rather than externally.

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